Senior Safety - Kitchen Hazards And Quick Fixes

Are the parents safe living in your own home? Could they bepsychologically pretty obvious, but starting to have physical or judgmentdeficits that might impact their safety? Does your seniors parent possess thejudgment to securely handle a knife in the kitchen area? Would you worry thatMother may fall lower and be unable to arrive at the phone? Based on theNational Safety Council, falls are actually the key reason for injuries deathsin people 65 years old and older. Fall risk is among several issues of safetyspecific towards the kitchen. In the following paragraphs, I will highlight howyou can identify and lower these hazards, keeping the seniors family memberssafer.

Floors and floors: Some floor cleaning solutions and floorwax leave the top very slippery and cannot be utilized. Throw rugs ought to beconnected to the floor with double sided emergency kitchens. If your cane or master can beused, throw rugs ought to be eliminated altogether.


Lighting: Light switches have to be within easy achieve.There shouldn’t be any areas within the kitchen that can’t be illuminated.

Temperature of water: Set the new hot water heater to amaximum of 120 F to reduce the chance of burns.


Fire safety: Have a fire extinguisher handy, mainly in thekitchen, and make certain to examine its use together with your elder familymembers. This is an excellent chance to go over fire safety generally, forexample: staying away from loose hanging pajamas or loungewear while cookingexit strategies, etc.

Clutter: This might seem just like a no-brainer, but it’s frequentlyoverlooked. Obvious away undesirable products, especially all pathways in yourhome. Besides reducing tripping hazards, this helps lessen fire risks.


Heavy Objects: Feel the kitchen and re-locate-of-achieve andhigh objects to some more convenient spot to discourage utilization of afootstool, which may pose an autumn risk.

Utilization of sharp utensils and electric appliances:Observe your older member of the family cutting having a sharp knife or cookingusing the microwave. If judgment is sufficient, but insufficient strength orcoordination disrupts opening a jar or utilizing a kitchen tool, there are lotsof adaptive or assistive devices which will help. Rocker knives, eatingutensils with thicker handles, and jar-openers are only a couple of examples.


Preparing food is better done sitting in a table to avoidfatigue and fall risks.

Food safety: Refrigerator temperature should not be a morethan 40 F to slow microbial growth, per the Food and drug administration. Foodleftovers ought to be labeled with dates and discarded based on suggested timeguidelines, or maybe they smell or look “off”. As my mother used say,“If uncertain, trash it!” Because so many seniors people could have adulled olfaction and poor vision, routinely check what’s within therefrigerator whenever you visit.


Emergency plan: Make sure there’s a smoke detector correctlyperforming on each level of the house. Attach a simple-to-read listing ofemergency phone figures near every phone and review emergency procedurestogether with your seniors family people. Since a lot of falls occur in thekitchen area, installing a telephone within this room is advisable. You mightwant to think about a mobile safety alarm that is worn around the wrist or likea pendant, to instantly summon assist with the push of the mouse.

Should you are still unsure whether all your family membersonly need a couple of new devices or maybe they really require more involvedhelp safe, you might want to get yourself a safety evaluation done by an actualor Work-related Counselor focusing on geriatric care. These professionals areexperts in figuring out a person’s safety and judgment while performingactivities of everyday living as well as can suggest appropriate assistivedevices and alternative living environments if your change is required.


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